Curzio's In Season Recipes


Dear Friends:

We believe that often recipe books are written without keeping in mind that fresh produce is not always available at the same time in any particular region.


Come to the Kenosha HarborMarket to purchase fresh produce

This market only allows the sale of produce grown within 150 miles. This guarantees freshness, and local produce that is in season.

Through the years we have designed recipes web pages (with pictures to show the preparation process). These recipes only feature locally grown fresh produce that is all available at the same time. The pages are organized by the months - Weather condition change the harvest of produce and fluctuations of a couple of weeks are possible:


Through the Seasons Best vegetarian breakfast
May - June Arugola or Roquette or Rucola
June Edible pea pods
Pasta with fresh, green garlic tops
July - September Preserve fresh garlic for many months
Use fully grown garlic tops
How to use Swiss Chard - the queen of summer
Cooking with fresh vegetables at the end of July
August - September An other suggestion for a healthy meal
Do you have too many zucchini??
Pasta and vegetables
Tomatillo and Salsa Verde
Preserve the flavor of basil
September - October Red Torpedo - onion ragu
Cipollina Borrettana - pickled flat onions
Pummarola - canned tomato paste
Cherry tomato pasta ... plus more tomato paste canning tips
Sun dried tomatoes
Ratatouille - a combination of zucchini, peppers, eggplant
Eggplant panini
October - November Honey - the super-natural sweetener
Sweet onion soup
Italian pumpkin
Risotto with radicchio
Apple and Pear Butter
For great recipes you need GREAT ingredients. The best ingredients are grown in your own gardens! Click here to review my gardening tips.
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