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Lettuce is often used just for decoration ... while it is a great source of vitamins. Much easier to grow in the spring then in the fall - we must admit that we still have a hard time with fall crops. Radicchio is a fall/winter variety.


In this newsletter you will learn about lettuce in the Fall.


Italian lettuce: Radicchio

Radicchio might be the hardest head lettuce to grow, as it takes a very long time to form the red head - the core of the head that can be stored for several weeks.

The Spring crop was a total failure. The seed that we have started in July can be harvested this Fall. This lettuce is hardy and can take some frost.

Radicchio is used raw in a salad mix or can be cooked. Cut in thin stripes you can spice up a rice dish.

Risotto al radicchio

Melt a spoon of butter in the pan and glaze a chopped onion over high flame. Add a cup of Arborio rice (must be Arborio for best results - you can find this Italian rice variety at Tenutas). Immediately add half a glass of white wine and stir. When the wine is evaporated add broth and lower the flame to medium (you need about 2-3 quarts of broth that you should keep warm in a pot). Keep adding a ladle of broth and stir until the rice is cooked (it takes about 20 - 30 min.).

A couple of minutes before the rice is done, add the radicchio stripes, a spoon of butter and parmesan cheese. Keep stirring until ready to serve.


Lettuce mix

This picture shows deer tongue and red salad bowl leaf lettuce.

Last night we have mixed potato and green beans left overs with a lettuce and tomato salad, dressed up with olive oil and wine vinegar - garlic was already an ingredient of the potato and green beans dish.

An idea for a light dinner.


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