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Did you enjoy Red Torpedo and sweet onions through the summer? Unfortunately at this time of the year, in October, those wonderful onion bulbs are no longer available.

Do you know why Walla-Walla, Widalia, Red Torpedo onions, and other sweet varieties are seasonal and cannot be stored for many months unlike other varieties, like Copra, that can be stored for up to ten months?


Onions make your eyes tear
Most onion varieties will make your eyes tear when you peel or cut them. But Red Torpedo onions don't.

The reason may be explained with the amount of sulfur that some onion varieties draw from the soil. Particularly some European varieties, and the Red Torpedo and the Spanish White and Yellow varieties belong to this group, do not draw much sulfur.


The lower rate of sulfur seems to be the element that make traditional onion keep longer in storage. While the sweet onions will start to sprout or rot in October and would end up in the garbage if you don't monitor them.

You can use them before it is too late. Just feel for the core to be firm. The spoiling starts at the core of the bulb. You can feel how the core is starting to form a hole - that's the beginning of the rotting process.

If you dedect the spoiling in time, you can remove the inner layer that is starting to rot and safely use the rest of the sweet onion.

Slice the onions in half-inch chunks and cook them for an hour or two on slow flame in chicken stock. Add a pinch of sea salt to flavor.


Sweet onion soup
I like to use a fresh chicken to boil my chicken stock. That takes a couple of hours to do. But you can buy canned chicken stock instead.

The sweet onions have a distinct flavor, milder than traditional onions. You should try the difference. The soup is easy to make and can be frozen for winter dinners.

Bring the chicken stock to a boil, add a couple spoons of olive oil, a pinch of Italian spices and the onions cut in chunks. Cook on medium to slow flame for an hour or two. You be the judge of the consistency.

Serve with a layer of grated mozzarella (it will melt - no baking necessary) and a few slices of toasted Turano bread.


I recommend a nice glas of red wine - one of my favorites at Tenuta Delicatessen - is a Sangiovese - Cabernet called Remole of the Frescobaldi Winery, in Florence, Italy.

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