Curzio's Recipes!


Dear Friends:

You must be disappointed with the weather this weekend!

If we can think of a silver lining to this cool Spring days .... well, maybe we can tell you that the lettuce is growing extra sweet. In two weeks, by June 1st., we should have several leaf lettuces and small spinach mixed for a wonderful salad.


Arugola, Eruca sativa, also known as Roquette [French] and Rucola [Italian]

A prime ingredient in tangy mesclun mixes, this musky green has a rich historical legacy in the Middle East where it has been used for thousand of years, not just as a salad green, but for treating eye infections, and as a companion plant to suppress garden pests.

To try something different: sprinkle fresh Arugola leaves without dressing on your pizza.

Or make a bed of Arugola for thinly sliced Bresaola.


Bresaola (also called "carne secca" - dried meat)

Where the Northern region of Lombardy borders the Swiss State of the Grisons for centuries the leg of beef has been salted and dried in rooms heated with charcoal burners [braciere in Italian] ... from braciere ... bresaola.

You can find Bresaola at Tenuta's Deli (3203-52nd Street, in Kenosha) where this delicacy will be sliced for you "super-thin"!

You can eat this meat cut in a sandwich, but I like it best over a bed of Arugola with a light cover of olive oil and two drops of lemon juice.


Rose-breasted Grosbeak (Pheucticus ludov.)

A large finch with a very large, triangular bill [picture shows the male].

This beatiful bird stops in our garden on a migration route for a couple of weeks in May.

This year we have observed several pairs.

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