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Dear Friends:

When I came to Kenosha I discovered Frank's Diner and it's famous Garbage Plate. Well, years later I'm cooking my own Garbage Plate every day for breakfast.

Thank you Diner Divas!

I eat good and great eggs every day. Yuppie Hill provides very good, couple-of-days-old FRESH eggs. My chickens provide great, less then 12-hours-old eggs ... but not as many as I need.
In this newsletter you will learn how you can use many different ingredients through the seasons for a super-healthy breakfast.
The Garbage Plate ... my style

Pour one table spoon of olive oil in a hot pan and stir fry a large onion (or 2 heads of minced shallots) for about 5 minutes - season with a pinch of salt and a pinch of herbs. This process we call in Italian ... insaporire ... to infuse flavors. The herbs that I use are called "Herbs de Provence" - it's a mixture of Basil, Marjoram, Savory and Thyme.

After the onion has caramelized, add 2 cups of hot water and immediately cover. The water makes a steam bath for all the harder veggies that you will throw in the garbage plate. The harder one (potato - carrots) go in first, the softer (peas) go in for just a few minutes.

All combinations are possible. And I'm planning to snap pictures of my combinations as we go through the seasons. Onions and potatoes are my staples. I have onions that keep for 10 months and green onions that close the gap. Potatoes keep almost until you can harvest the new ones.

Keep an eye on the veggis as potatoes may need an additional cup of hot water.

Once your veggies are well cooked, you end up with a wonderful veggies broth in which you can poach a couple of eggs (no additional fat added!).

Remember that eggs are THE BEST SOURCE OF ANIMAL PROTEIN that you can find in nature. Eggs are digested best if the white is well cooked and the yoke is not firm (Sunny Side UP).


Please play "Guess the ingredient game"

Try to guess the ingredients (just the veggies) by looking at these pictures. Bring your cursor over the picture and find out the answers. [an alternative text will appear on your screen when you bring your cursor over each picture].

See how many you guess right!!! I know you CANNOT guess them all, because you would not even think of eating some stuff you actually throw in the garbage.

Just reflect on how much good stuff you should NOT throw in the garbage and eat instead. It's all good for you! Of course you need to know who has produced your veggies ... I use no chemicals in my garden and don't fear to eat a little dirt (sometimes).


Giant pea pods and new Kennebec potatoes The flowes that grow on top of onions ;o)
Onion greens and red potatoes Carrots and carrot greens
A great egg - can you tell? - and small zucchini An other great egg and fresh shelled peas
Garlic tops - lots of fibers ... will make you run!
The green leaves are endive lettuce
Male zucchini flowers and Sungold cherry tomato Pears that drop too early to fully ripen
Dudley apples - great for sauce, great with eggs A side of tomato salad with French shallots - the JOY of summer!
Too much rain this August ... but I found a few asparagus spears Green onions and onion roots - check out my onion page for green onions in September
Westfield apples and my breakfast tomatoes Fingerling potato and Corno di Toro Rosso Troncato peppers
Italian green beans (fagiolini) and Kenosha Tomato An other Global Warming effect: cherry tomatoes in November!
corno troncato sweet red peppers that have kept for more than 14 weeks on my kitchen counter - these colors on a snowy January morning!
This is my breakfast dish cooked the morning of Jan 20 with all vegetables from my garden. Peas are kept frozen, onions and potatoes in the cellar. While the red peppers keep best on the kitchen counter.

At the end of January there will be more spoiled fruit to discard ... but still delicious.

A fecundated egg Raw asparagus spears
... red beet Rare potatoes: Papa Cacho and Violette Lac de Bret
Please share your ideas

I'm interested only in locally grown and in season veggies to add to my breakfast. Please tell me what you would like me to try and I'll publish the picture.

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