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This is a suggestion on how to cook two meals in 40 min., using the same pan, and keeping the proper food separated for excellent digestion.

You must agree that the digestion process consumes quite a bit of energy. Why waste energy by making your stomach work harder?

Keep food that is digested in an alkaline base separate from food that is digested in an acidic base.

Think out of the box! Make sure the combinations work and eat proteins in the morning.


Breakfast: red torpedo onions with eggs on the griddle
Slice the red torpedo onions in 1/4 inch discs and put in a pan with olive oil. The flame can be high at first and should then be lowered.

Simmer for 15 minutes, stiring occasionally. As the onions cook the discs fall apart and the onions melt into a very sweet dish.


Here you see the onions sliced in the pan, ready to go on the stove. We recommend to heat the oil first and add the sliced onion on high flame. Then turn the flame on low, stiring occasionally and keep the onions covered with a lid. Enjoy some as a side dish with your eggs in the morning. Keep the left-over for you lunch.


Lunch: Rose Gold new potatoes "al rosmarino"
Rose Gold potatoes feature a very thin rose skin with creamy, luscious golden-yellow flesh. Certified Organic seed is available from Seed Savers in Iowa.

Cut the potatoes in halves, and each half in four pieces of about the same size.


Take the pan that you have used for the onions earlier and add a couple of spoons of olive oil. Cut one French shallot and six cloves of Russian garlic and add to the hot oil to brown. Add the potatoes on high flame first for a minute then lower the flame to simmer the potatoes for about 15-25 minutes. Season with salt right away and check the potato for the right texture to your taste.


I cook my potatoes for about 15 minutes as I don't like them to fall apart, keeping them covered with a lid for 10 minutes, then I cut the rosmary with scissors over the pan and removing the lid for the last 5 minutes so they get crisp.

Wait to add the rosmary if you cook them longer, as you don't want the rosmary to burn.

Add the red torpedo onions left-overs to complete this vegetarian dish.


I shopped my favorite store - Tenuta Delicatessen - and found a fantastic Pinot Grigio. This white wine is to be served chilled in the refrigerator.


Feel the energy!
Try to eat only twice a day for a change and feel the energy!

Eat breakfast and lunch and skip dinner. This web page suggests to eat onions and eggs for breakfast - cook 3 or 4 eggs on the griddle with a little olive oil to prevent sticking. Eggs are a great source of protein - the digestion will occur in acidic base.

Potatoes and onions for lunch will be digested in an alkaline base. A dish that will fill your stomach but will be digested easily.

Give your stomach a break for dinner and drink plenty of water. Don't drink water while you eat breakfast or lunch. If you must drink coffee, then black without sugar.

You may discover that making changes in the way you eat prevents heartburn more effectively than medicines! Eating less actually turns into more energy.


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