Curzio's gardening tips


Learn how to grow your own produce. It is simple and does not require a lot of space.

We are glad to help with advise - come see us at the Kenosha HarborMarket on Saturday mornings (January to December).

Please DON'T look for scientific facts ... all my pages are based on trial and error, common sense observations.

Because the word "organic produce" has little value, after the Government took control and bent rules to satisfy any group that has an interest to lobby for ... we believe in biodynamic gardening!

In a few words biodynamic gardening means, DO NOTHING that would harm the soil and the living beings that share this world with us.

Obviously it is necessary to limit the unwanted vegetation (AKA weeds). BUT, EACH TIME YOU PULL A WEED... REMEMBER TO THANK YOUR FRIEND FOR THE WONDERFUL MINERALS THAT THE "UNWANTED" PLANT HAS BROUGHT TO THE SURFACE. Especially the Milk Thistle, the Dandelion, and the Wild Carrot have very deep roots .... they are wonderful "miners".


Growing Produce
Kenosha Potato Project
This link takes you to the Kenosha Potato Project description and at the bottom to the Kenosha Potato Catalog - expected to list 200+ varieties by the end of 2009
Growing Garden Potato + container gardening
Starting potato with true seed (TPS)
Kenosha Tomato using tall poles and pruning the vines (written in 2002)
avoiding bottom-end rot (2005)
growing tomato without bottom-end rot (2007)
Onions in Kenosha Green or bulbs from March to November
Winter onions, Walking onions, Top setting onions
Biodynamic gardening Rudolf Steiner started this method - beyond organic
gardening in raised beds (and how to build one)
can you keep your garden completely weed free?
saving seeds for next year
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