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This page is very sweet but it was inspired by some reading about sea salt.

After reading some facts about sea salt .... all the industrial salt of my household was devoted to the bath tub. Since then I have only used sea salt in my food. Follow this link to convince yourself. Please click here.


How does your body absorb nutrients?
I'm not sure that someone has the ultimate answer to this question!

In fact though, any living organism has formed over thousand of generations in the same way. Our body has developed a system of breaking down nutrition into elements, building blocks that form and maintain bone, flesh, muscle ... in short any fiber of our organism. Likewise, all living organisms have reached today's shape because of the way food is collected, hunted or absorbed.

Do you believe that in a few years our body could change the system that was built over many generations and accept alternative methods to absorb those elements?

Do you believe that a pill could effectively replace the food that has built our organism for centuries and millenia?


Can any natural food be rebuilt synthetically?
Maybe! And if no negative side-effect is found, the FDA will approve the sale and allow the claim that the product is safe.

Eventually, many years later, someone actually finds the product to have long-term side effects that do not foster good health.

We don't want to judge on the safety of any artificially or synthetically produced product (vitamins, supplements, sweetener, drugs or medicines). We just believe that any natural product, known to be safe for human consumption and prepared (cooked) as our cultural traditions teach, is what made us what we are now.

We believe that any element in its natural form is best for consumption. Any alteration, chemical addition or synthetic reproduction cannot be absorbed by our organism in the same way.


What is the natural sweetener?

Bees collect nectar and deposit this energy resource in the form of honey in bee hives.

The bees seal the honey in the hive behind wax caps to maintain cleanliness, low moisture and freshness.



Tim and Lois Fulton carefully extract, strain, and bottle the honey to ensure that the natural vitamins, and enzimes are maintained. Since their honey is never heated or filtered, but simply strained, it will contain tiny particles of beeswax and pollen that enhance the honey's flavor, fragrance and nutrition.

This honey comes from a variety of nectar sources including clover, alfalfa, maple, bass wood, fruit trees, berry bushes, and a variety of wild flowers. The bee hives are located in SE Wisconsin.


The Fultons' production is very limited in quantity and available at the Harbor MarketPlace starting September 13, 2003.

They will be selling 12 ounce "bears", 20 and 44 ounce jars as well as beeswax.

To contact Tim Fulton by email - click here.


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