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Dear Friends:

We are on a row for 90 degrees days in June - the garden is eating up the heat and growing fast.

This week we expect to harvest the first zucchini flowers and more fresh produce - the freshness date will read June 29th, 2002.


In this newsletter you will find a couple of ideas on how to use edible-pod peas - the very first crop of the Summer in Wisconsin.


MacPea Sandwich

A real fast food alternative! You can purchase pita pockets (sort of bread) at the delicatessen counter at Pick & Save or at Woodman.

Toast for a couple of minutes, cut in half, fill with snow peas and cottage cheese.

This is faster to make than dealing with the drive-thru lane of our Mac Friends, it features a true adults' flavor ... and is very healthy!


Giant pea pods

We have picked these pea pods a few days early to take this picture - here the average length measures 4 inches - but left on the vines they grow to almost 6 inches long and 1 inch wide.

In Northern Italy these pods are steamed or stewed in tomato-sauce (who said that red sauce is typical of Southern Italian cooking?).


Taccole in umido

[Italian for stewed pea pods].

This dish takes less than 30 minutes to make:

Heat olive oil, add garlic and Italian spices for 2 min.

Stir fry the pea pods for a couple of minutes and add a pint of tomato-sauce.

Simmer on low-heat flame for 20 minutes.


Side-dish or pasta sauce?

As a side-dish we would add new potatoes to the pea pods and serve with a beef stew.

But if you bring a pot of water to a boil, while the pea pods simmer, you can use them as a novelty pasta sauce!

We recommend to use De Cecco pasta - it is the best!

Why is it more expensive than other brands? Because De Cecco applies a drying process with temperatures that replicate the "Air of Naples, Italy"! The pasta runs through the dryer at a slower pace, thus the higher price.

At Tenuta's Deli (3203-52nd Street, in Kenosha) we have discovered a new kind of pasta called Gemelli - try it with the pea pods sauce.


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