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Dear Friends:

Did you try our fresh onions? Do you like them better than those you find at the grocery store?

We have been supplying you with good garlic for several years .... buy fresh onions at the market and taste the difference.


In this newsletter you will learn about onions ... and Red Torpedo onion "ragu" - a pasta sauce or as a side dish.

Ragu is synonymous with meat sauce ... this recipe is vegetarian.


Store your fresh onions ... and enjoy them longer

We have received a lot of positive comments on our crop of onions. As you well know, these onions have been harvested the second week of August and came directly into your kitchens! Unlike grocery store onions that are stored for months (maybe years?) and cook down to a tasteless pulp.

Like garlic, that you purchase fresh and freeze, we are now suggesting that you purchase onions and store them in your pantry or in your basement. We want you to control the freshness of your produce and to avoid the purchase of produce that is old and has little nutritional value left.

Each house has a different level of humidity, and temperature in the basement. Onions store best in mesh bags, hanging from the ceiling, at a cool temperature (best if unheated but not freezing below 31), in a ventilated and dry room.

Do you have such a room? We have onions that will store for 10 - 12 months.

Nobody has the perfect room ... why don't you try to store a couple of onions in the best place in your house and see how long they store?

We are about to decide how many onion seed to order for next year. We would appreciate your feedback on how many bulbs you could need.


Select the varieties that you need

The selection of varieties is based on your taste ... but also on the storage length.

Know your varieties so that you will first use the "short storage" onions and keep the "long storage" for later.

These picture show large onions - compare to the size of a quarter coin - not all bulbs develop at the same size.


Copra stores for 10 - 12 months

Yellow - general use onion - this is the variety that you should store and use in Winter and Spring.


Burgermeister for 3 - 4 months

Red - general use onion - good raw in salads and broiled on hamburger. Use this onion by the end of the year.


Spanish for 3 - 4 months

The picture shows a yellow onion, but we are planning to grow the white variety as well. This is a milder onion taste.


Red Torpedo for 2 - 3 months

Our favorite red onion! Mild with a burst of flavor. Unfortunately it is the one with the shortest storage length and must be used by October.

Fantastic glazed in olive oil - make it an ingredient of your next pizza - or sliced in a cucumber salad.

Chef Peter Chastain, owner of the Chef's Table, has published this recipe dedicated to the Red Torpedo.


Roasted pepper, eggplant and Torpedo onion ragu

This can be a pasta sauce but we often eat it with steamed rice or on its own.

    2 large Torpedo onions cut into rings

    2 Anchovy fillets

    2 Yellow peppers roasted and diced large

    2 Red peppers roasted and diced large

    1 Large eggplant peeled and diced large

    10 cloves of garlic cut into quarters

    2 large ripe tomatoes grated on the large holes of a box grater

    4 springs of fresh basil

    Salt and pepper

    1/2 cup Extra Virgin olive oil

In a heavy bottomed pot, heat olive oil slowly with the onions, garlic and anchovy. This should take a long time, maybe 30 min. so as to develop a good funky base. Some hot chili can be added here if you like it spicy.

Add the eggplant and continue to sauté very slowly about 5 minutes.

Increase the heat a little and add the peppers and the grated tomato. Season well with salt and pepper and allow to simmer gently until the eggplant is fully cooked and the tomato no longer tastes raw. Add herbs and cook an other 5 - 10 minutes.

Serve warm as a side dish, mix to steamed rice or as sauce for pasta.

With this recipe you will likely taste this ragu with rice, with pasta several times and still have left-overs (reheated it will taste the best!). For pasta we recommend to use pennette rigate or rigatoni - don't waste this delicious sauce on spaghetti.


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