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Dear Friends:

Take the mistery out of tomatillo, or husk tomato.

Great to eat raw or cooked. Plant it once and see how volunteers will keep growing back year after year.


Tomatillo - husk tomato

Also known as the Mexican tomato, this fruit grows in a paper husk that will split open as the fruit grows inside.

Left on the vine to mature the fruit turns from green to yellow, as the paper husk dries.


The fruit exposed

In this picture we have pulled the paper away to show you the fruit growing inside the husk.

It is an open pollinated plant - that means that the fruit that falls on the ground will likely leave seed in the soil and the following year you will have tomatillo growing in your garden like weeds. (be aware)


Salsa verde

Remove the paper skin from 8 tomatillo and boil until soft (about 20-30 minutes); dice two onions (sweet variety like our Spanish yellow) and sauté in olive oil to glaze; mix tomatillo and onion and blend in spices (hot pepper, salt, garlic, and cilantro).

If you don't like cilantro, skip it. You can try different variations by blending in diced avocado, sweet corn or black olives.

Keep it in the fridge until needed. You can serve it chilled or warm.


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