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We are interested to link specific potato recipes to specific potato cultivars. We are convinced that many heritage cultivars, heirloom varieties have been saved by our grand-parents because they have been working best to prepare favorite dishes.

How do you select the cultivars that you grow in your garden?

Would you be enticed to try different cultivars if these would make interesting dishes?

We believe that future generations will more likely grow heritage cultivars if we offer records and recipes of best use in the kitchen!

Please email recipes suggestions to: recipes@curzio.com

Potato Recipe Books - My reviews

The Ultimate Potato Book - ISBN 0-06-009675-6

Introduced to me as a MUST HAVE book. It is written to help the American cook prepare potato dishes with any of the dozen cultivars that may be available in better groceries. Exactly the opposite of the purpose of this page which is designed to help the American gardener find the best recipes for the Heritage Potato Cultivars that we want to keep growing in our gardens.

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