Kenosha Potato Project

2010 Yearly Report 

The third year for the Project has shown a further growth of the Potato Gardener Network.

The number of gardeners participating locally and all over the world are too many to count - starting with the end of 2010 we keep a record of the number of members networking on our facebook page.


The Kenosha Potato Project is a genetic diversity conservation effort shared by a network of local gardeners and farmers [including a growing number of SSE Members] who pledged to grow specific potato varieties and save the seed (tuber pieces) for future generations. In time more heritage and rare heirloom cultivars will be available at farmers' markets for non-gardeners to enjoy.
New Project Focus ... the standard message
Following you read the standard message I would send to a new member who inquires on how to participate:

Dear Gardener or Farmer,

Great reading your message of interest - I look forward to monitor your participation.
I've grown potato for about 10 years .. but really got into the collection of potato varieties in 2008 .. so not too long ago.

I don't want to tell you how to start .. but eventually you will figure out what works for you.

I've started without a plan in 2008 and was looking to just help Will Bonsall duplicate his collection (thought to be 400 - 500 varieties) .. but it turns out to be over 1,000 and growing.

So, now I'm no longer interested in the duplication of the Scattered Seed Collection (Will Bonsall's collection) ... mostly because I've figured out that a large part of the varieties are the results of what the "Potato Industry" now is breeding - chipping and frying tubers! While I'm more interested in varieties for the garden - different colors, both in skin and flesh, different cooking textures and flavors!

Consequently I have redirected my focus (as you can read in my current SSE member profile .. if you have trouble finding my member profile I can copy/paste and send it to you). [My SSE Member profile is printed in the Yearbook and is available in the online Yearbook - only available to SSE members]

In closure, you may start your potato collection without a plan - like I did - or you may spend some time to study my catalog and find which varieties MOTIVATE you (your friends and family) to save and further propagate "your varieties", and LONG TERM take "ownership" of the varieties you have selected ... like me, making sure someone will keep saving the tubers for future generations to enjoy.

This is my catalog

Make a pledge to save potato varieties! Print out this form - mail a copy or keep it as a reminder for your future memory.

... and here are a few more related projects:

Growing potato vertically, in containers, bags, boxes, towers ...

Growing varieties which develop berries for true seed (TPS)

Please stay in touch!!! ... and if you are a Facebook user, please friend
the Kenosha Potato Project Facebook Page

Cheers, Curzio


Kenosha Potato Project - 2010 numbers
For future memory we keep these records:

246 are the varieties listed in my catalog (grown so far in Kenosha, WI)

167 are the varieties grown in my Kenosha garden in 2010

of which 70 in bags (click here to read more about growing potato in bags)

30 new varieties are expected for 2011


The number of reliable participants is growing larger in the Seed Savers Exchange membership. The number of SSE members who list potato is growing!

102 KPP Friends who joined the Facebook Page so far


KPP is also actively promoting SSE membership and listing of potato in the Yearbook. Here are some numbers for future memory.

SSE Members Listing Potato (incl TPS)
2006 45
2007 38
2008 33
2009 32 - first year listing for WI CA C (Curzio)
2010 33
2011 39
let's hope 2012 will bring us back to 45+

The Listed Potato Savers are a small fraction of the 694 Listed Members in the 2011 Yearbook. The names of the "Listed Members" keep changing ... but it's great to see the list of 108 new Listed Member in this year's publication.


Become a member of Seed Savers Exchange
The non-profit organization based in Iowa has now about 13,000 members worldwide - if you are not a member yet ... click here and scroll to the bottom for the link to the membership page.

The low membership fee rewards you with a 10% discount on all SSE commercial seed orders, plus you receive a number of publications in addtition to the Yearbook, the listing of 13,800 plus unique heirloom seed. The Yearbook is now also available online.

Yearly report updated March 20, 2011


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