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Norwegian Potato Salad

As listed in The Ultimate Potato Book (ISBN 0-06-009675-6) - Please purchase this book if you want all the details - this is a short recap.

Herring filets in sour cream and finely chopped celery stalks - fesh parsley instead of chives - are the traditional ingredients of this Skandinavian recipe.

Cook the tubers whole for 20 minutes, cut in 1/2" pieces and toss with celery, chopped parsley and minced onion. In a small bowl mix herring, their cream sauce and add additional sour cream. Salt and pepper to taste. Pour herring over potato and serve warm or chilled. Salad can be kept safely for a few days refrigerated.

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Cultivar suggestions

Fingerling shaped tubers, like Eila Korvu's Finnish, Swedish Peanut.


We are interested to link specific potato recipes to specific potato cultivars. We are convinced that many heritage cultivars have been saved because they have been working best to prepare favorite dishes.

How do you select the cultivars that you grow in your garden?

Would you be enticed to try different cultivars if these would make interesting dishes?

We believe that future generations will more likely grow heritage cultivars if we offer records and recipes of best use in the kitchen!

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