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On this web page I'm suggesting an holistic approach to weight management, resulting in life style changes that may help you find the freedom to be healthy and happy!

It is possible to lose or gain weight without use of drugs, nor strenuous physical excercise, but you must switch the mode of your metabolism (how your body makes energy).


I'm sharing with you what I have discovered and what works for me! If it works for you as well, I'm glad to share with you my results. I'm glad to help you find the freedom to be healthy and happy. Health and Happiness make you beautiful. The age of your skin means nothing!

Do you know anyone that is sick and happy?

Well, then it may be important to pay attention to your health maintenance before you have to deal with fighting disease.

The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any desease. The decision to use, or not to use, any of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader.


Ancient cultures give you hints that you are on the right track.

The secret lies in finding balance! But first you may need to swing back and forth to make changes.

I treat my health like a religion! You may look at my passion for good food as fanatism, but I am not a terrorist, nor an evangelist. I'm just trying to get your attention.


Yin / Yang, the symbol of the forces of the Universe
Ancient Chinese Medicine teaches ...

that a healthy diet will prevent disease. More and more studies of Western Medicine confirm that locally grown, seasonal produce - freshly prepared, rather than loaded with preservatives - is the best diet for your health maintenance.

More and more studies confirm that the ancient knowledge of Chinese Medicine has a lot of value. I was surprised to learn that some of my diet choices are confirmed by the wisdom of the ancient philosophy of Yin and Yang.

You will find references to this philosophy on many web sites ... in a nutshell:

  • Yin is negative - Yang is positive
  • Yin is death - Yang is life
  • Yin food makes you old - Yang food keeps you young
  • Sugar is Yin - Salt is Yang
  • Free radicals are Yin - Anti-oxydants are Yang

Yang food includes onions, eggs, dry beans, rice and wholesome cerials. Click here to see a list of foods divided by Yin or Yang value.


Yin food includes most fruit, oil and Swiss Chocolate.

That does not mean that all Yin food is bad and should be avoided. But that you want to keep Yin food as a treat and Yang food as your main staple.

More Yang food will keep you young, more Yin food will make you old. Age in respect to your Birth Certificate means nothing - as you want to feel younger than your classmates.


... more good things that I found
  • Young Living pure essential oils
  • Berry Young Juice (the strongest Anti-Oxydant available)
  • The solution to maintain the weight of a teenager.


I'm also using aromatherapy to supplement my diet!

I do not belong to the "lucky bunch" of people that own a perfect metabolism and can eat lots of Yin food without becoming over-weight.

Finally I found the right combination of diet and supplements that help me keep my weight where it should be (below 19% BMI) without any strenuous excercise, and I would be glad to tell you what works for me.

Come to aromatherapy classes to learn how.

Classes are organized by Equinox, the Body and Soul Boutique in Kenosha (5901-6th Ave A). Please call 262-656-1830 to find our the date of the next class and to reserve your seat.

Curzio is an Holistic Skin Care Specialist and Biodynamic Gardener

  • selling vegetables and eggs at the Kenosha HarborMarket (end of May - end of October) + WinterMarket (November - May)
  • treating Skin Care Clients at Equinox, the Body and Soul Boutique


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