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Is your produce grown organically? We would have answered this question with a yes 7 years ago. Today we are moving way beyond organic. Organic is no longer interesting, as this government regulated term offers more "bending to the rules" to please the special needs of the agriculture industry giants.

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What is Biodynamic gardening?

Based on a series of lectures given by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1924, Biodynamics is a method of agriculture which seeks to actively work with the health-giving forces of nature. It is the oldest non-chemical agricultural movement, predating the organic agriculture movement by some 20 years and has now spread throughout the world.

Taste the difference of fresh lettuce

Fresh lettuce is tender and flavorful. But we believe that there is more to it. If you take the time to read about Rudolf Steiner and Biodynamics you will discover a world of interesting information.

In growing lettuce the secret is the arched raised bed, filled with rich compost (thank you Father Dom!) and covered with fabric to reduce the light.

We also believe that our lettuce is particularly tender because it is not "forced" to grow faster with continuous watering. Water is necessary to start the seed and to keep the soil moist at germination and during the time when the root system is shallow. As the plant grows in size, so does the root system. It is the purpose of the root system to go find moisture in the soil. The gardener that keeps watering the plants "spoils" the natural development of the plant.

It is known that compost rich soil retains many times more moisture than poor soil, thus even during moderate drought the plants develop very well and remain tender.

Continuous watering may also contaminate the plant! Unfortunately rain water is not always available and, by the way, not as pure as it was a hundred years ago. But sometimes worst, the water utility only discovers contamination after it happend.

Vegetables need water to grow and in the process retain elements that are contained in the water. If the water contains perchlorate, the lettuce will retain these elements in rates that are very unhealthy! This fact made the news as it seems to be the case in much of the commercially grown lettuce.

If you are interested to read more on this topic, please follow this link. Warning: it is an highly technical document in PFD format (you need Acrobat software to read it).

Click here for Perchlorate Uptake in Lettuce Seedling


What is the benefit of proper food combining?

When people tell me: "I don't eat green stuff, I'm not a rabbit!", I know that I'm dealing with someone that will suffer a lot because this person is not assimilating food properly!


You go ask a doctor if you don't want to believe me. If you don't assimilate nutrition, sooner or later you will be ill. Hey, I don't always pay attention to proper food combining ... but I can claim that I did not spend one day sick in bed for the last 25 years. Can you claim the same?

I'm very healthy because I eat quite healthy. There is always room for improvement!

Back to the rabbit though! When people tell me: "I'm a meat and potato kind of guy!", well, that's the perfect example of wrong food combining!

When meat arrives in your stomach it needs an acid base to breakdown and be digested, while the potato needs an alkaline base. You don't have a double-stomach with different environments for different foods, do you? It makes sense that the acid base and the alkaline base will neutralize each other in your stomach, thus the food cannot be properly digested and assimilated.

And by the way, pizza is pretty bad, too! Unless the toppings are vegetables only: no meat, no cheese.

So, what's my secret? As most Italians, I eat pasta almost every day. Pasta and any kind of vegetable that you can think of. Not pasta and meatballs (which is a really bad combination). With some fantasy you can eat well and healthy most of the days. I'm not a vegetarian. I love meat! Meat and spinach ... that's the perfect combination for this week.


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