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Potato Planting Tips 

Can you tell the up-side of a tuber?

I'm confident you have no doubt on how to plant a garlic clove or an onion .. to ensure it IS NOT planted in the wrong direction - which obviously would cause a great waste of energy.

Ensure you plant your tubers in the correct direction.


Find the Stern End
The Stern End is the part of the tuber that was attached to the stolon - often it's possible to recognize the stolon attachment spot in the skin.

The opposite end is called the Sprout End. Often, and especially with oblong shaped tubers, you can easily recognize the obvious tendency for the vine sprouts to emerge from the Sprout End BUT NOT from the Stern End.


tubers placed on egg flats
Use egg flats or cartons to place your tubers under lights for green sprouting. The egg cartons allow you to place the tuber in the correct direction.

At planting time the tubers will be placed in the soil in the same direction and produce stronger vine emergence.

If you think about it - this seems so logical - yet I bet you have never planted a fingerling correctly. I have always placed them flat in the soil (horizontally) until I've recognized what I'm reporting here. Fingerlings should be planted VERTICALLY, like the oblong shaped "Christmas Island Red" which is seen in the front row of the picture above.

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